News Anchor (Fox 5 DC)

Maureen Umeh is a multiple award winning television news journalist for Fox News, political advisor, media trainer and diplomatic consultant. In her 20 plus years in those fields, Maureen has had the privilege of meeting, interviewing and working with numerous people from all walks of life. They include dignitaries, lawmakers, celebrities and religious leaders.


Her work has covered all areas, and she has been recognized and honored with many awards, including several television EMMYs, the Edward R. Murrow Award for Television Excellence, and the NAACP Leadership Award.


While those have been laudable accomplishments, they pale by what she believes has been the cornerstone of her mission as a journalist, which has been to use her voice and platform currently at Fox News, to bring awareness to issues of importance to her native country of Nigeria, and all other African countries.


Maureen has had the privilege of working with lawmakers and officials from the President George H.W. Bush Administration through the President Barack Obama Administration on issues concerning the media and Africa.


She was a part of a team that was asked to help the Republican Party craft a campaign strategy that would resonate among black and African voters. Her suggestions were instrumental in the overall message that the Republican party used in trying to sway the African voting block.


In the Obama Administration, Maureen served as a speaker and moderator for various panels that pertain to African interests such as energy, infrastructure, education and banking.


Her knowledge in those sectors was helpful to those within the Obama Administration tasked with crafting strategies on how to work with African nations in a fair and equitable manner.


In 2008, Maureen was heavily courted to run for the U.S. Congress in the 4th Congressional District of Maryland. While she declined the push, it led to the formation of her political consulting and media training ventures.


Maureen has had the honor of conducting media training for several Congressional members and diplomats. These elected and appointed officials come to Maureen specifically to polish their message delivery and overall presentation. They have done so because they trust her work and discretion, plus they value her input and suggestions.


Maureen believes her background as a highly visible African in American media can be used for even more impactful purposes. She continues to work to help bring about those changes.